One of my strengths is creating workshops that are tailored to the needs of the participants. 

General Empowerment Workshops

Fearlessness - Being afraid but doing it anyway

Showing Up - Living your authentic life

The Positives of Negatives - Perspective shift

The art of Empowerment - How to inspire those around you

Tuning in - Learning to really listen to yourself

Some Education topics I can cover:

Inspired Education

Introduction to Reggio Inspiration

Competency education

Making learning relevant, meaningful and intrinsically motivating

Emergent Curriculum: Authentic, student led inquiry learning

Infusing the Arts into content curriculum

Early Learning - authentic inquiry and curriculum through play

Implementation and Assessment of authentic student led inquiry projects

I am an Association Instructor for The Alberta Teachers Association.  

The ATA offers 26 different amazing workshops for any school or school district in Alberta. 

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Tea leaf readings and Intuitive Counselling

Individual or group rates available.  Sliding scale available for single readings