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Nancy often will tap into the energy of the collective and share a 'reading' with a powerful message we can all tap into.  These COLLECTIVE READINGS can be super helpful in navigating the current energetics of the world or can just have a important idea for one to process. 

You can visit the website at any time to tap into the current COLLECTIVE READINGS, however, you can also follow us on either facebook, twitter and soon to be YOU TUBE... and we highly suggest activating notifcations on any of these mediums to know when Nancy has uploaded a new reading. 

You may also sign-up for email notifications if you are more inclined to using email as a way to receive readings and updates on ways to experience Nancy's work. 



Nancy creates both collective meditations such as the walking meditation below and also personalized meditations where she uses techniques such as body scanning and NLP to create highly specialized and personalized meditations that can create subconscious solutions by regularly listening to these meditations. 

Experience them for yourself. 

Walking MeditationNancy Inspired
00:00 / 16:40
Personalized MeditationNancy Inspired
00:00 / 01:04
Nancy Inspired Mandala Yellow.png


Nancy both channels inspiration into written form and also writes wonderful articles about unique topics and energetic experiences. 

Experience her various works through her blog. 


Nancy creates beautiful artwork from Nature and you can view these pieces via her shop or order a custom piece for a loved one. 

Nature Inspired
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