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"Dear Mrs. Bromley, I wanted to be in your class because you are so creative but now that I am in your class you are much more.  You changed how I think about things. Once I was getting my flu shot and I saw the lady putting the shot/needle into the bin and I asked my dad why she was doing that and he said 1 use only.  I thought well, hundreds of Canadians get there flu shot each day and I thought I would rather get the flu than whast that much garbage.  You have really inspired me and thank you for that."  - Abby (student)

"Do what you believe in, just like Miss. Bromley would do..."


"Dear Miss Bromley, this year has been amazing! You inspire me so much to work harder and listen to my heart.  You made me and tons of other people feel like they are worth something.  Now I try to find the good in everything and everybody.  I felt like I could express who I am when I was with you.  I hope at your next school other kids feel inspired and happy because you sure did that to me and our class.  I'll remember you forever, you believe in everyone.  We love you so much. Lot's of love. "  - Grace (Student)

"I first met Nancy Bromley when my son was in her Jr Kindergarten class.  From the first day you could tell that she was not your typical teacher!  She has a warmness about her spirit and a genuineness that the kids absolutely fell in love with while the parents all watched in awe of her skill with a classroom of 20 young souls in their first school setting.  What a wonderful year. 


The following year, Ms. Bromley moved to a grade 2 classroom and our daughter had the privilege to have her as a teacher as well.  We could not have asked for a better teacher for our spirited, anxious daughter.  Ms. Bromley was understanding and compassionate of her needs.  She gave our daughter a nudge when she knew she could manage more and a hug when she knew she couldn’t.  She believed in our daughter and helped give her the tools to believe in herself and succeed.  Ms. Bromley’s teaching approach was always offered in a manner that let the children feel like they had choice and control in their learning highlighting their strengths and giving them the tools for success.  Without some of the stringent rigor, her teaching style taught the kids that they are always learning – through their interactions, projects, ideas, and so much more.  Ms. Bromley’s approach allowed each of those kids, regardless of their idiosyncrasies and their challenges, to experience success, growth and to build confidence. 


Here, so many years later, we as a family talk about and reflect on the kids’ time in Ms. Bromley’s classroom fondly.  We were blessed that each of the kids experienced a Ms. Bromley year – as this year they got with her will be impactful for a lifetime and she may always be their favourite teacher!" - Cindy Law (parent)

"Nancy was gracious in allowing my administrative staff and all of my k to 6 teachers to visit her classroom to immerse themselves in her approach to education.  It was an energizing and amazing experience for everyone.  What I will always remember most, is the easy, joyful way students went about their learning.  Nancy then worked with our entire staff for a year on PD and deeply impacted teacher practices and student engagement in our school.  Nancy also worked with us to create a joint Pre-K and K Reggio Approach program which saw our numbers in ECS grow from 9 on year to 41 in the following year.  Her expertise, ability to work with groups and to inspire others to work toward greatness will have a lasting impact on St. Mary School" - Sheila Glebe (Principal, St. Mary's school Westlock)

Nancy worked as a consultant to help us develop a Reggio inspired pre kindergarten/kindergarten program at our k-12 school. Not only did she allow us in her classroom to help us implement the Reggio philosophy, she also inspired teachers,  and presented the concept to the parents in our initial planning meeting. She also worked with the elementary teachers on 21st century learning skills and how to connect to what we were already doing. Her passion in education was evident and inspiring. She is a great role model for life-long learning. - Linda Molesky (Learning Coach, St. Mary School, Westlock, Alberta)

“As soon as I walked into Nancy’s classroom I was transported into an area of fun, learning and cooperation. I witnessed an amazing program thatI could not wait to get started. Thank you Nancy for being there when I had so many questions, you truly are an amazing woman and teacher.” 


Janna MacLean,St. Mary’s School

My experience with Nancy is beyond words...just full heart. I met Nancy more than 10 years ago when I was speaking in front of a group of women, in a very heated meeting for a wellness organization. Nancy immediately saw the powerful woman I was and stood up for me in front of the whole room. Since that moment, we have become dear friends and she has helped me feel connected to my soul all along the journey. I wouldn't be where I am today with Nancy's heartfelt gifts. Her guidance is truly a channel of loving empowerment. 


Mercedes Treeter 


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