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What is Soul Telepathy ?

A beautiful reflection or translation of the message your soul is already communicating with you... 



...however with greater clarity, ease, and heartfelt empowerment.


Your soul wants you to evolve and make the most of the experiences you are going through.  


These experiences are helping you to grow and become your greatest self.


No divination is involved. No future predictions. 


Nancy's gift is a real-time reflection of the true nature of your heart and its power.


Nancy Inspired Mandala_edited.png
Nancy Gentle_edited_edited.png

Nancy has a unique magic that is very real and very tangible via her gifts. I will always be grateful for all the help she has given me by clarifying my soul's guidance all along my journey. 


Nancy's Message
How the pendulum works....

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Nancy Inspired Mandala_edited.png
Nancy Inspired Mandala_edited.png
Nancy Inspired Mandala_edited.png
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